As a Parent, You are the Influence

that Can Help Your Teen or Young Adult Change

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Cathy Taughinbaugh

Are you a parent who feels frustrated, angry, and scared because your teen or adult child is struggling with substance use or is in early recovery?


  • You are concerned because your teen is experimenting with drugs or alcohol.
  • You’ve asked your teen or adult child to get help, but they are not willing to go to treatment.
  • Your teen or adult child was in recovery, but now they have relapsed.
  • You want specific direction on how to help your teen or adult child so they will make positive changes.
  • You want to stop worrying constantly, and have more joy in your life.

Would you like to feel less anxious and stressed about what’s going to happen next? Do you want someone on your side who will listen and help you solve problems?

It is possible.

With coaching, you will have a guide who will help you create positive change. so you are not just reacting to your child’s negative behavior. A coach is someone who will there for you every step of the way to help you improve your life.


  • Getting a clear vision of what your life would be like where you can enjoy being with your child again without all the drama.
  • Having a clear understanding of what you can do for yourself that will, in turn, help your child.
  • Developing and implementing daily action steps so that you easily and consistently practice self-care AND feel better, which bolsters your stamina and sets a positive example of self-efficacy for your child?
  • Knowing the hidden obstacles standing in your way and what to do about them.
  • Working with a mentor who will urge you, guide you, and who cares about what you’re going through.
  • Having a deeper understanding of why your teen or young adult has chosen to use drugs so that you have clarity going forward.
  • Being free of the fear and worry that stop you from having more joy in your life.

The good news is that now you can….

  • Learn to talk to your child in a way so there is a better chance he/she will hear you.
  • Get off the emotional roller coaster and enjoy your life once again.
  • Stop feeling scared because you never know when they next shoe will drop.
  • Be supportive without enabling when your child is struggling with drugs or alcohol.
  • Help your child so that you feel better as well along the way.
  • Heal family relationships and get closer to those you love.
  • Feel more confident that you can help your child move forward.

Get Your Life and Joy Back Breakthrough Session

You will…

Understand the approach that has helped other parents motivate their teens/young adults to seek change in a positive way.

Get your worries and fears under control so that you can move forward to a better tomorrow.

Learn what is really motivating your child to use and why it’s important to know what’s at the root of the use.

Talk to your child in a way that gives you a better chance that they will listen to what you have to say.

Feel more comfortable helping your child without enabling them.

Your concern for your child led you here, so you are in the right place if:

  • You’re struggling with your child’s continued drug use.
  • Your child relapsing from their early recovery is a worry that you have.
  • You’re feeling that you are not giving your best to other family members because you are so focused on your child with the substance use issue.
  • Educating yourself about strategies that are proven to work is something that you are interested in.
  • You want to be loving and have more happiness and peace for your children and yourself again.
  • Having a mentor to help encourage and guide you through the process makes sense for you at this point in your journey.

What if an approach was available that could impact you and your child in a positive way?

The truth is every family comes to and is affected by drug use in a different way. One size does not fit all.

Your path to healing is to learn all available options and find the one that fits the best for your child and your family.

It’s never too late to help yourself and help your child.

Think about where you want to be next year. Will you be okay if you are right where you are now?

Coaching enables you to overcome your fears, get unstuck, and finally be confident in your ability to help yourself and your child.

The structure of coaching provides support and accountability and empowers you to create positive change while you embark on a step-by-step course to change your life for the better.

1:1 parent coaching will give you clarity around your child’s use and the options that are available to you.

Who I love to work with:

I love coaching parents who are ready to help their child change.

You are…

  • Driven by the knowledge that you can have an influence over your child. You are just not sure what next steps to take.
  • Someone who has realized that one size doesn’t fit all. You want to explore options instead of the same solution that everyone with a family drug or alcohol problem receives.
  • On overload from the embarrassment, guilt, and shame of the substance use and want to learn techniques that would attract your child’s interest in entering treatment or changing their lifestyle.
  • Tired of the arguing, yelling, and confrontation, and want to know more about how timing is crucial when talking to your child as well as the role of compassion and kindness. (aka ‘You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.’)
  • Yearning for strategies to help your child realize that a non-substance-using lifestyle is more rewarding than one focused on using drugs or alcohol.
  • Ready to learn about enabling behaviors that aren’t helpful as well as new ways to talk to your child and solve problems.

We work together as a team and help you solve problems that have gotten your life off track.

I will review your application so that I have a greater understanding of your situation. You’ll receive an email request to set up an appointment.

In our session, we’ll get clear on how to move you away from so much struggle to a more peaceful life. I want you to have a greater chance that your child will change in a positive way.

Are you ready to motivate your teen or adult child to make positive change, so that you feel happier and less stressed?

Here are your next steps

If all of this has resonated with you so far, then here are the next steps:

1. Answer the questions on the application linked below.

2. I will honor your responses and will let you know if 1:1 mentor coaching with me will be a good fit.

In any case, I will give you my insights on what is the best resource for you. If I feel it is mentor coaching with me, I will send you some options from my calendar so that we can set up a time to talk.

Click here to complete the application.

I hope we get a chance to talk soon!



P.S. I so appreciate your dedication to helping your child change. Your light can be the force that helps your family become healthier. Thank you for having the courage to reach out.

I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Cathy as a coach for families with substance abuse issues. She knows the terrain and delivers her wisdom with compassion and clarity.

Cathy is the real deal. She is kind and understanding while delivering the necessary steps to better communicate with your loved one… and therefore helping them in a more constructive way. Most importantly Cathy is always there when you need her often at a moment’s notice. She is always able to offer a hopeful helping hand and a soothing balm to the heart.

Carol, Mom from Massachusetts

“I had several coaching sessions with Cathy about my sons who struggle with addiction. She was very prompt to be there when I called and gave me very educated advice from experience that helped me so very much. Having Cathy to talk to helped our family. I highly recommend her coaching for parents and families.”

Gayle, Mom from Florida

“Cathy understands what parents go through when their child is abusing drugs or alcohol. I highly recommend her as a Recovery Coach for parents – it’s an unsettling situation for any parent and Cathy’s warm and relaxed style can help parents feel more in control and make better decisions for their child and for themselves.”

Linda, Mom from California


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