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Tips for Talking to Your Preteen about Drugs, and Alcohol

Your 9 to 12-year-old son or daughter is going through many adjustments. Consequently, they are trying to figure out where they fit in. Their peer group is a powerhouse they look to for opinions about every topic imaginable.

In addition, they begin to question what they hear at home from their parents.

Get the Conversation Started

As your child begins middle school, you know they will be exposed to drugs and alcohol at some point. Take this opportunity to reinforce previous conversations. Take it a little further because we know that having regular conversations about teen drug and alcohol use gives you a better chance that your child will stay healthy.

Here’s an example of how to get a conversation started with your preteen about topics including alcohol, and drugs.

“I know we’ve talked with you about drugs and alcohol several times already, but as you start at a new school they are probably going to come up more often. You will hear stories about some of your classmates experimenting. I just want you to remember that I’m here for you and available for you to talk anytime. You can come to me to talk about anything you hear or see, I promise I won’t overreact. You don’t have to worry about shocking me, I can handle it.”

Most of all, remember substance use prevention should begin before children face the issue of drugs. Unfortunately, now more children in middle schools face drug problems. Many people believe that gateway drugs such as tobacco, marijuana or alcohol are not as dangerous as they are.

A young life can be forever changed by the use of alcohol, drugs, and addiction. The effects of drug use on a family can be staggering.

Your child can transition into high school in a safe and healthy way.

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