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You may be here because your teen or young adult child is struggling with drugs or alcohol.

Do you feel frustrated, angry, or scared because your child is engaging in risky, harmful behavior? 

You are looking for answers and you are curious about my coaching program. You want to find out if this program is right for you.

Is parent coaching right for you?

It’s right for you if you are concerned because drugs and alcohol have become a problem for your teen or young adult. You’ve tried different approaches and are ready to take a look at a research-based program that has been proven to work, that will help motivate your child to change.

This is a parent coaching program. As your coach, I will share proven and effective strategies with you. We will work together to identify how these strategies can best fit your personal situation.

All decisions are made by you, with my complete support. I will share ways to communicate with your child in a positive way, how to gently step out of the way so that your child can take responsibility for their actions, and the best tools that have worked for parents who have seen their child through to make positive changes and/or find recovery.

During our coaching time together, we’ll create a personalized and clear path for you to move forward on and achieve the changes that you desire. And then we’ll walk down that path together.

Along the path, we’ll likely encounter challenges and old beliefs that get in your way. We will move through these times together. My goal is that not only will you be transformed, your change will begin the process of healing for your child.

We’ll also encounter strengths you never knew you had, that will help you make change possible.

As a client of mine, we will have a very close relationship. It takes a commitment of time and energy to make positive change when your child is struggling or even beginning to struggle on such a deep level. I am completely committed to helping you do just that.

You will receive personal sessions tailored to your situation, and a resource book, as my gift, will also be part of the program. I will send you love and light and positive energy as we move through the sessions. I really mean it when I say I give you my full support.

For example, I’m available for emails and texts in between sessions. We can meet as often as you like and tailor our time together to meet your needs.

parent coaching

Parent Coach

Parent Coach


Is this the right program for you?

I want you to be able to get the most out of this experience with me. To do that, it is important that you have the following characteristics:

First of all, you must have the mindset that whatever you spend for your coaching will be an investment in you and your child’s positive change, not an expense. When you look at it as an investment, your mind will form ideas to give you a return on your investment.

This very mindset will help you implement the strategies that will give you a better chance that your child will be interested in going to treatment, seek help, or live a healthier lifestyle.

Next, be very committed to taking inspired actions to move forward. We will determine what the actions are that are coming from your heart and soul. And then it is up to you to do them, with my support. We will focus on doing these inspired actions consistently and mindfully.

Here are some other qualities that will help make our work together successful:

  • Realizing that true healing comes from your self-care and self-love, you are willing to clear out any limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging behaviors that come up in the coaching process.
  • You truly believe that when you help yourself first, you are then able to support your child in a better way. You know that you create your own reality, and you want to learn how to live with more peace of mind knowing that your child is on the road to recovery.
  • While this is very a difficult challenge in your life, it can also be an opportunity for learning and growth.


If this is you, you and I will work very well together!

Through our mentor coaching, you will receive many insights, support, along with strategies and tools, based on my years of experience. This will save you the time and money on what you would spend for group programs that may not give you the outcome you desire.

Having a personal mentor coach, instead of doing it on your own, having a peer coach, or working in a group, will definitely shorten the lead time of moving your family forward at a steady pace, to a better tomorrow with more peace of mind and joy.

Parent Coach

Parent Coaching

Here are the next steps…

If all of this has resonated with you so far, then here are the next steps:

1. Answer the questions on the application linked below to schedule your complimentary Breakthrough Session.

2. I will honor your responses and will let you know if parent coaching with me will be a good fit.

In any case, I will give you my insights on what is the best resource for you. If I feel it is coaching with me, I will send you an email so that we can set up a time to talk.

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I hope we get a chance to talk soon!

With love and hope,


P.S. I so appreciate your dedication to helping your child change. Your light gives your family hope and strength. Thank you for joining me on this most important journey!



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