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Cathy Taughinbaugh is a Certified Professional Coach providing parent coaching for those concerned about their teen or young adult’s drug or alcohol use and who are seeking ways to help their children enter treatment, create positive change, and experience long-term recovery.

Want to conquer your feelings of anxiety, frustration, anger, and sadness from watching your child continue to struggle in their current situation? Would it bring you peace of mind and joy knowing your teen and young adult children are managing their lives well?  With years of experience in parent coaching, Cathy’s research-based Get your Life and Joy Back Coaching Program provides parents with the tools and strategies to help themselves and their struggling child.

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1) Parent Coaching

In this coaching program, you will learn proven strategies to stay involved with your struggling child in a positive way that helps create change, to talk to your child so that you are more likely to be heard, and to take better care of yourself. Coaching can help you feel less depressed and anxious. It is an investment in your life, health, relationships, family, and future.

Supporting you is my mission!

Parent Coachin

I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Cathy as a coach for families with substance use issues. She knows the terrain and delivers her wisdom with compassion and clarity.

Cathy is the real deal. She is kind and understanding while delivering the necessary steps to better communicate with your loved one… and therefore helping them in a more constructive way. Most importantly Cathy is always there when you need her often at a moment’s notice. She is always able to offer a hopeful helping hand and a soothing balm to the heart.

Carol, Mom from Massachusetts

Cathy understands what parents go through when their child is abusing drugs or alcohol. I highly recommend her as a Recovery Coach for parents – it’s an unsettling situation for any parent and Cathy’s warm and relaxed style can help parents feel more in control and make better decisions for their child and for themselves.

Linda, Mom from California

 I had several coaching sessions with Cathy about my sons who struggle with addiction. She was very prompt to be there when I called and gave me very educated advice from experience that helped me so very much. Having Cathy to talk to helped our family. I highly recommend her coaching for parents and families.

Gayle, Mom from Florida


2) Our RISE UP Moms Support Club gives you the opportunity to connect with other moms on the same journey.

In RISE UP Moms, you will receive weekly tips and inspirations and have access to a private forum. You will have two monthly conference calls where we will discuss the topic of the month and give you a chance to voice your concerns about your family’s situation.

Not only is this is for moms of kids who are struggling with drugs or alcohol, but also for those who want to stop feeling helpless, anxious, and worried so they can feel in control and get their life back on track.

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Support Club

Joining this group and getting on the calls have been so helpful. I always feel better about my daughter and our relationship afterward. One of the main things I get out of the calls is that I’m reminded to voice more positive sentiments to her and I have reminded myself about her progress and the things I like about her. It seems to have an effect on her if I give her positive feedback or compliments. It’s easy to forget to do when you think they should be doing so much more at their age.

I went to a few Al-Anon meetings but was not comfortable with their strict rules. I prefer to hear from people if they have a thought to share about something I’ve said and vice versa.

I would recommend this group to anyone, it’s a great group of friendly and supportive women.

ANN, a mom from New York 

Cathy gently lead our parent group in a guided process of individual sharing and listening to one another.  Guided by the month’s theme and through a series of insightful questions from Cathy, we were encouraged to respond one by one, voluntarily.  Through this process, we came to a broader sense of our shared situations, and a sense of a personal path forward.  Cathy’s optimism infused the meeting with a sense of hope.

MARY, a mom from Pennsylvania



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