I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Cathy as a coach for families with substance use issues. She knows the terrain and delivers her wisdom with compassion and clarity.

Cathy is the real deal. She is kind and understanding while delivering the necessary steps to better communicate with your loved one… and therefore helping them in a more constructive way. Most importantly Cathy is always there when you need her often at a moment’s notice. She is always able to offer a hopeful helping hand and a soothing balm to the heart.

–Carol, Mom from Massachusetts

Joining RISE UP Moms and getting on the calls have been so helpful. I always feel better about my daughter and our relationship afterward. One of the main things I get out of the calls is that I’m reminded to voice more positive sentiments to her and I have reminded myself about her progress and the things I like about her. It seems to have an effect on her if I give her positive feedback or compliments. It’s easy to forget to do when you think they should be doing so much more at their age.

I went to a few Al-Anon meetings but was not comfortable with their strict rules. I prefer to hear from people if they have a thought to share about something I’ve said and vice versa.

I would recommend this group to anyone, it’s a great group of friendly and supportive women.

–ANN, a mom from New York 

Cathy has an empathetic and nurturing spirit that suits her perfectly as a recovery coach for parents of addicted teens and young adults. I’ve seen her volunteer work with parents within The Partnership at Drugfree.org’s Time to Get Help support system and I admire her ability to connect with them heart-to-heart. In her coaching business, Cathy offers wise counsel and, in addition to her academic training, willingly shares her own experience of dealing with an addicted child. If you are struggling with an addicted child within your family, I wholeheartedly recommend Cathy as the coach who will walk you through your time of crisis and teach you how to begin to heal.

— Beth Wilson, B Here Today

Cathy gently lead our parent group in a guided process of individual sharing and listening to one another.  Guided by the week’s theme and through a series of insightful questions from Cathy, we were encouraged to respond one by one, voluntarily.  Through this process, we came to a broader sense of our shared situations, and a sense of a personal path forward.  Cathy’s optimism infused the meeting with a sense of hope.

— Mary, Mom from Pennsylvania

Addiction can be devastating to families. So if you are a parent who is concerned with alcohol or drug dependency or issues then Cathy’s expertise, insight, and commitment are essential. Whether it’s prevention, treatment or recovery Cathy can guide you and your family to a life free from addiction.

— Carolyn Hughes, The Hurt Healer

I found Cathy’s group coaching sessions to be really helpful. Cathy’s comments were insightful as well as compassionate, and the opportunity to talk with other parents in the same boat was invaluable. I felt that it helped my family a lot.

— Martha, Mom from Massachusetts

Having worked with and followed Cathy’s work for the past two years, I am so impressed with Cathy’s grasp of on the intricacies of the disease of addiction and the issues surrounding adolescent substance abuse. Cathy is extremely knowledgeable about all phases of what the parent goes through when they experiment or abuse or are addicted to drugs or alcohol. I highly recommend her as a Recovery Coach for parents – it’s a daunting process and Cathy can help parents make the right decisions for their child and themselves.

— Lisa Frederiksen, Breaking the Cycles

I had several phone conversations with Cathy about my addicted sons, she was very prompt to be there when I called and gave me very educated advice from experience that helped me so very much. I really appreciate having Cathy to talk to and highly recommend her coaching for parents and families.

— Gail, Mom from Florida

Cathy is a courageous, generous, warm, caring and kind individual. I admire her skills as an author, interviewer and life coach. Parents will find her extremely knowledgeable as well as deeply compassionate, plus she knows her resources.

–Shelley Richanbach, Next Steps for Women

Cathy does a phenomenal job of raising awareness and offering resources and strategies for families dealing with their child’s addiction.

— Fran Sorin, CBS Radio News Contributor

Cathy Taughinbaugh has become the ‘go to’ expert on families dealing with substance abuse. Cathy took what she learned from the pain and difficulty of dealing with her own child’s substance abuse problem and is now sharing this knowledge to help others. If you want heartfelt and well-researched advice on how to handle a crisis like this in your own family – look no further than this role model: Cathy walks her talk.

— Angela Artemis, Powered by Intuition

Cathy Taughinbaugh is an exceptional friend, blogger, and coach who openly shares her personal experience with her family’s addiction for the sole reason of helping others. The best person to learn from is someone who has been there and Cathy’s compassion, honesty, and trustworthiness make her a first-class expert. She comes highly recommended!

— Tess Marshall, The Bold Life

As someone who grew up with an alcoholic Uncle (it hurts even to say it) – who was a fantastic human being, but for this habit, I really wish I had known Cathy back then. But those were the days of no Internet. Today, I am so glad to see that there is help available to overcome addiction. Cathy’s site has been a wonderful reference for me and I am glad to say she is my “go-to” for information related to substance abuse. Richly resourceful, I recommend bookmarking Treatment Talk. She inspires confidence and the message is clear: You are not alone and gaining freedom from addiction is a possible reality.

— Vidya Sury, VidyaSury.com

I totally trust Cathy’s take on this very tough topic; she writes her truth in plain and simple language that gets to the heart of the matter. It’s valuable for us all, yes, even those of us who have no personal experience with addiction. My eyes have been opened and I’ve been introduced to some amazing guests and great ideas, that apply to every life. I love her work.

— Elle Sommer, Reflecting a Life