Are you struggling because of your child’s substance use?

Is their growing dependence on drugs and alcohol tearing you down?


Discover what you can do to help yourself, when your child is struggling with substance use.

ebook-cover-2-flat.275The FREE Parent’s Guide to Putting Your Oxygen Mask on First When Your Child is Struggling With Drugs or Alcohol gives you 25 tips to stay calm, centered, and present when your child’s struggle has taken over your life.

This Free Guide will help you . . .

  • Expand your knowledge of substance use disorder
  • Understand how reaching out to others who understand can make a difference
  • Know why it’s important now, more than ever, to have positive communication with your child

Rest assured it is possible to find the answers you seek. It is possible to find peace in your life when you can understand and accept all aspects of your child’s substance use disorder.

As you reach out and seek help for yourself, life becomes more manageable. You will see clearly that as you begin to accept and understand how your child’s behavior affects everyone, your suffering will ease and your healing will begin.

You’ll experience a deeper knowledge of the substance use of your child and how you can prevent or break the cycle moving forward.

So many of us have walked this road before you and can speak to the experience you are now enduring. This FREE guide was created to help you realize that once you have the tools and understanding around your child’s substance use, that inner fear will subside.

You can begin making clear choices again, every single day starting right now.

In this guide, you will discover . . .

  • Information about the CRAFT approach
  • Helpful books that will inform you
  • That when you help yourself, you help your child (and why it matters!)
  • Key ways in which you can communicate better with your child.
  • How to get your life back and still love your child
  • Additional resources to help you and your family through recovery
  • Realize the value of having a deeper understanding of what your child is going through
  • Hope for yourself and your child’s future

It’s time to end the cycle of enabling, denial, shame and resentment. Your child needs you to understand their struggle and take the actions necessary to help the family move forward in more positive ways.

Download the FREE guide today so you can take control of your life again and live with less worry or stress and more compassion and optimism.

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Putting Your Oxygen Mask on First Recovery

when your child is struggling with drugs or alcohol