Cathy shares her story


I’m Cathy Taughinbaugh

I’m a parent coach and I help you build confidence and power into your life once again so you feel in control, instead of overwhelmed.

If you’re struggling with fear, stress, indecision, or daily chaos, I can help you develop the inner strength to get through it. If you’re concerned about your child — I can help you navigate a variety of options that can promote positive change. I understand where you’re coming from, because I’ve been there. I learned to listen to my instincts, and faced my situation making the best decisions for myself and my family. I can help you do the same.

I work privately with people who want to feel more in control, live their best life, gain confidence and make the best decisions possible. I help people get their lives back on track when their life has spun out of control because of their concern for their child. If you want to talk with someone who understands and want to learn strategies that can help you navigate the often scary road of substance use disorder, call me for a free consultation at 925-984-1562 or email me at


Two Ways

We can Work Together

Group Support

Rise Up Moms is a support group designed with twelve monthly themes that affect moms who are concerned about their child. When our kids are struggling with substance use, taking a look at long-term changes rather than the quick fix will help you the most. The support group helps you create one simple but powerful positive change a month.  It will offer you a place to share your concerns with others who know and understand exactly what you’re going through! When you feel supported, more empowered and knowledgeable, you will relate to your child in a more healthy way.  You will make better decisions and be capable of staying centered and focused.  Click here to find out all the details.

Private Coaching

Coaching can help break through what is keeping you stuck so that you have more clarity about your situation. We will discuss strategies and tools that will help you move forward in a positive direction. Coaching allows you to be heard as you share your concerns. We will work together to brainstorm options for your personal situation.  You will often find that many of the answers that best fit your needs come from within. Through the coaching process you will have more clarity about the solutions that will help you the most.  During this anxious time in your life, coaching is an investment in you! Click here to find out all the details.

Explore what coaching can do for you.
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