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Interview with Scott Stevens, Award Winning Author of Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud



To kick off Recovery Month, I’m pleased to share my interview with Scott Stevens.

Scott explains his extensive research and personal journey to recovery in his well written book,Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud: Relapse and the Symptoms of Sobriety.

Scott’s award-winning book has information and advice that would benefit anyone concerned about alcohol abuse. Scott writes his story from the heart. He shares his tips about alcoholism, recovery, sobriety and relapse.

Please meet Scott Stevens!

Tell us briefly about yourself for those that don’t know you?

I’m a journalist and author, dad, and recovering alcoholic. I have a background in journalism, but I worked in the mutual fund industry as an executive for a long time. During that career, I got married, started a family, moved around and up, then later in my mid-30′s realized that alcohol had taken a priority in my life.

My wife at the time asked me to quit and I said, “Sure.” I tried to and couldn’t. At that point, I’m alcoholic. There was no denial in it, because I knew I was sick. I had this idea, though, that I could kick this all by myself. “I don’t need any help.” What I did was become a maintenance drinker.

From the time I woke in the morning until the time I conked out, I drank a steady supply ofalcohol, not enough to get loopy, but certainly enough to keep me at a level of intoxication to prevent me from going through withdrawal. I was terrified of withdrawal. I steadily drank at least two liters of Jack Daniel’s every day for a period of almost two years.

Earlier, even through college, alcohol was never a priority. I could leave it behind. Once or twice a semester I’d go out with pals. In my working years, it was still my friend when I would go out with golf or work colleagues. My tolerance level was ridiculous, which I know now, was a pattern of drinking alcoholically. My friends would have a couple and be done, I’d just be getting started. Then, it seemed suddenly, alcohol turned on me. I couldn’t stop and struggled mightily for a couple years trying to quit. I went to rehab. Put together a string of weeks or months of sobriety and I kept going back to the misery of drinking.

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