Cathy shares her story


Rise Up Moms

Are you a mom who is feeling the stress of watching your young adult or teen suffer as they struggle with their drug or alcohol use or even their recovery?

Do you wonder what the difference is between enabling vs. loving support?

Do you miss your child’s smile, laughs and hugs?

You have the power to change everything! Your life can be better than before.

If this sounds like you, then imagine what you want your life to be like a year from now.

Let’s say it’s the same as it is presently, would you be okay with that? Or would you try to change it?

Have you ever thought about the possibility of helping your child by helping yourself first? Do you think it’s doable? And let’s say an effective program was made available to you, would you be interested?

Would you give it a thought knowing that it could be exactly what you, your child and your family need now?

Rise Up Moms is designed so you CAN create one simple but POWERFUL positive change a month. Each step of the way is an investment in a better tomorrow

You deserve to live a life filled with love and happiness! You have the power to make it that way. Life will only get better and better.

Life doesn’t have to be a constant struggle! Without support from others who have been there, that’s exactly what it is!

Rise Up Moms will offer you a place to share your concerns with others who know and understand exactly what you’re going through!

When you feel supported, more empowered and knowledgeable, you will relate to your child in a more healthy way and be capable of staying centered and focused on your own precious life. Who doesn’t want that?

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